“When a guest sits down, there should be something beautiful and inspiring to look at.” Annie Falk


An Introduction

Johanna Josefsson was born in Sweden, grew up in New England, and spent the past ten years living and working in New York City. Having always harbored a deep nostalgia for the traditional Swedish baking she grew up with, she decided to leave her career in the finance industry and pursue her passion full time. She started out working alongside a seasoned pastry chef from a Michelin starred Manhattan restaurant who decided to branch out and open his own European inspired pastry shop in Brooklyn. She then refined her skills at the world renowned International Culinary Center in Soho before starting her own custom order cake business. In 2018, personal reasons brought her to Edmonton where she is thrilled to share her vision for a fresh, new approach to desserts with anyone looking to elevate their next gathering, be it a wedding for four hundred or a dinner party for six.


Fresh is Best

Cakes that look like designer handbags, a 500 lb basketball, or have their own battery powered light bulbs built in are all amazing to look at. Thanks to today’s nonstop supply of cooking shows, they’ve become a cultural phenomena. These cakes require creativity, technical skills, and LOTS OF TIME. We know - we’ve built them. By the time a cake has been baked, assembled, sculpted, and decorated, the dessert you and your guests are biting into can be days, even weeks, old.

Tårta is taking a different approach.

By focusing on quality ingredients and the clean, modern aesthetic found in Swedish design, we’re able to reduce production time and create cakes that look like, well… cakes. They are tasteful and beautiful while still being freshly baked.



Authentically Beautiful

The same priorities that drive our “fresh is best” approach to baking also inspires the simplistic aesthetic of our creations. We believe that food does not have to be saturated in food coloring to be beautiful, and in fact, that a more natural looking dessert can be even more stunning.